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Pest Control Trap Catches Snakes – Deadly Water Moccasins

Pest Control Catches Deadly Snakes - Water Moccasins

Pest Control Trap used to catch Deadly Snakes - Water Moccasins are common in moist wet lands.

Snakes can be  real pest problem. Most pest control services do nothing to prevent snakes from entering your home.  Pesticides will not kill or detour snakes.  Calling a professional wildlife removal services is your best options.  However, this article and photo demostrate that a simple pest control trap can help reed more …

Sankes and Pest Control

Ants in Charlotte NC – 2009

Ants are out early this year for many Charlotte residents. We have had several phone calls for Ant Control in Charlotte. Besides being a nuisance, ants can be a real health threat, and even deadly. Its estimated that 1 out of every 20 people could have an allergic reaction to ant bites and some of those could even suffer death if not treated. Fatalities from ant bites in the US are rare but they do occur. Most are avoidable if treated quickly.

For those suffering from ants, you should be advised not to spray regular over the counter spray on ant trails. Ants are highly sensitive to odors. If you spray a colony or a trail of ants then you may make the problem worse by causing them to branch out and form new ant colonies. If you choose to treat ants on your own then use ant baits.

If you want a professional to assist you then make sure they are armed with a variety of bait options and that they are not just spraying the same products on the ants as they do your home. There are a very few and typically more expensive sprays that are effective against ants. So if your Charlotte pest control company does spray ask if the spray is unique and specific for ants.

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