Charlotte Pest Control Review – Another Great Report!

Another Pest Control customer reviews Bulwark Pest Pest Control Service:

Customer Name:
Report Date: June 21
Pest Control/Exterminating
Work Done:
Hire Again:
Description Of Work:
Sprayed house inside and out for insects.
Member Comments:
Spoke with Derrick, and Maurice came out the next day. After dealing with other services who require you work on their schedule, it was a great relief to hear them say that they would work around my schedule. Maurice came at 7:00 p.m. Very pleasant and professional. Did a great job for a fair price. We signed up for regular service. Highly recommend.
Report Card:
Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Additional Questions Answered when completing this report

How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on

How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got more than my money’s worth

How far in advance did you schedule the work? within a week

Why did you choose this contractor? reputation

Have you used this company before? this is the first time I’ve used this company

What did you like most about this contractor? Knowledgeable, professional, and timely.

What did you like least about this contractor? Nothing.

What surprises came up during the course of the work? None.

What words of advice would you give other members considering this contractor? Highly recommend.

What words of advice would you give this contractor? It’s great that I didn’t have to take off work to meet you. I appreciate your flexibility.

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