Monthly Archive: January 2010

Teens may have discovered a new Roach!

New York teens working on a DNA science project in New York may have discovered a new breed of cockroaches. The roach investigated during a DNA barcoding survey may represent a new species or subspecies. With the DNA varying from the current DNA barcode by 4% it seems possible that this cockroach could be an undiscovered species. Most DNA’s only vary by 1% and a variance by 4% isn’t just a quantity of 3 steps, but more a variance in scale, like a 1 versus a 4 on the Rickert scale of earthquakes. Officials have yet to determine if this is the case and it may be impossible to actually make a clear conclusion based on one sampling.

Interestingly enough, pests in general have a huge number of un-categorized and therefore “undiscovered” species and subspecies. Arguments about ants, scorpions, and the likes are ever raging. To further complicate things, insects seem to evolve much quicker. So is it really a new cockroach or is this just the 2010 model of the 2005 german roach… and I must say… nice hood.

But as one New Yorker put it… “I am not surprised.”

It seems almost iconic for the dingy dirty filthy New York city to find yet something another new, progressive, hip-hopping, whacked, yet artistic, cesspool creature… AKA Jane Roach #5839

By the way, the roach will go unnamed until they can be certain from a roach specialist that it is indeed a new species.. or at least sub species.