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Give your Valentine a Roach Name?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Of all the crazy Valentine’s gifts and posts out there, How can a pest control guy compete? Well I was happy to resign this holiday to the flower puff girls and the chocolate Dips. Especially after our last bust on the 12 worst Christmas Gifts… Definitely leave me out of the Valentine’s scene.

Until I came across this Valentine’s Love Bug Gift idea…

Valentine's Day Roach

NAME a Roach

Whaaaaat????? You can’t be serious. …but yes they are.

How low can you go?  You realize these are HISSING roaches?  Nothing says I love you more than a little hiss, especially when coming from a cockroach.

How can I sit here and be silent when the Bronx Zoo is making a mockery of Valentine’s Day for me? Sure sure, there’s a donation and it goes to a good cause. But wow?  WOW!  And I thought that dumping my girlfriend prior to Valentine’s day was low… I am sure many a women would prefer to be dumped over this Valentine’s day gift.

In all honesty, Who wants a roach named after them?

On Valentine’s day or any other day of the year? If you want to save this species or learn more about them then go buy one online. Yes, you can buy one online, an for a cheaper price then naming one.

But sticking with this them, without being a hater on Valentine’s day, our top ten picks for Roach Names:

10: Stinky

9: Bill

8: Dopey (as in smoke that roach)

7: Cat Bait

6: Poor boy’s pet.

5: I look like a prune but don’t eat me.

4: Colgate (You are what you eat.)

3: Chicken Soup ( Ask Luke Fender )

2: Splat. ( pest control humor )

1: Vader. “Happy…. <hooohhhpaaaa > Valentine’s Day…

< hoohhpaaaa.. cough> my young padawan.