Roaches Eat Toothpaste!

What Else Do Roaches Eat?

Let’s start with the bad news. Roaches aren’t finicky eaters.  They eat about anything including: human hair, fingernail clippings, paper, clothing, cigarettes, wood, feces, soap, and yes even toothpaste. Food or crumbs that have been left out are easy meals for roaches. They especially love to chew on the glue found in wood paneling and on the back of wallpaper. If a roach is hungry enough, they’ll even eat each other. They are classified as omnivores, meaning they eat any type of organic food source they find.

Roach Prevention

Now the good news, roaches can be prevented. A roach’s favorite place to dine is the kitchen. Take precautions by not leaving food out, wiping down sinks and counters, storing food in air-tight plastic containers, using garbage cans with tight lids, and frequently cleaning. Eliminating leaking faucets and sealing of entry points to your house is also very helpful.

For additional help in eliminating roaches in your house, call a pest control professional today!

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