Charlotte Bedbugs Infest Democratic National Convention Hotels

The DNC Convention—Charlotte September 4th

The DNC Convention—Charlotte September 4th

Charlotte has been crawling with excitement about this week’s Democratic National Convention, but the city isn’t the only thing crawling. Bedbugs have infested nine of the hotels being used by Democrats and convention-goers; crawling inside hotel mattresses, bedding, and furniture.

Bedbug infestations are growing at exponential rates—some reports say as much as 75% from the same time last year. The Bedbug Crisis Hotline has increased ten fold in the last 6 months.

Charlotte Bedbug Ranking

Charlotte has some ground to make up before its bedbug levels reach the likes of cities such as New York, Boston and Washington, D.C., where recent infestations have made national headlines. A recent survey ranked Charlotte as the 33rd most bedbug infested city. The top three infested cities are Cincinnati, Chicago, and then Detroit.

bedbug (Cimex sp.)

bedbug (Cimex sp.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Online Bedbug Reports

The increase of bedbug activity in cities like Charlotte has led to the introduction of websites such as and Travelers can share their horrific hotel experiences in hopes of forewarning other travelers. shows 31 Charlotte-area hotels in which guests have reported bedbugs, including nine that will host at least 10 of the state delegations attending this week’s convention.

DNC Hotels

Of the hotels hosting convention delegates, the most bedbug complaints have been directed at the Charlotte Marriott City Center, where five reports have been reported in the last year. Visitors report finding bites days after their stays, and at least two have said they ended up bringing bedbugs home with them. Another report says the hotel refuses to offer compensation for laundry bills after a visitor had to have their clothes specially treated. Some of the other Charlotte hotels where Democratic delegates are staying, that are reporting bedbugs, include: the Double Tree by Hilton, Drury Inn & Suites Northlake, and the Charlotte-Center City Holiday Inn.

Traveling Tips

If you are doing some traveling in the coming weeks, make sure to do your online research on one of the aforementioned websites and see how many bedbug infestations are being reported at your hotel. For some great tip on avoiding bedbugs while traveling check out:

If you are in the Charlotte, NC area and having any trouble with bedbugs, contact a pest control professional today!


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