Kudzu Bugs Are Invading Charlotte Homes This Fall


KB3 (Photo credit: UGA College of Ag)

The Kudzu Bug


If you live in Charlotte, NC, you’ve likely become very familiar with the bothersome kudzu bug. Homeowners say they can’t seem to get rid of these inconvenient pests, which can frequently be found on your homes and cars during the fall months.

Kudzu bugs are approximately 1/6” to ¼” long, a dark greenish brown in color, and look an awful lot like a fat tick or dark colored ladybug. They will not bite you, but they are one of the largest nuisances because of their habits of overwintering. During the fall they will make their way towards your home, and try to find a warm place to hide from the upcoming winter elements. This kudzu bug movement usually occurs during the end of September, or early October every year.

Kudzu bugs are attracted to light colors like your pale clothing, your white car, or your light colored house. They will then gather together on these light-colored surfaces and then move under siding, into gaps around doors and windows, or through penetrations such as around air conditioning and water pipes. They will also often cling to your clothes, and get tangled up in your hair. These pesky kudzu bugs are related to stink bugs. Like stinkbugs, they release a protective stink when crushed. It’s a fruitier smell than stinkbugs’ stench, and has been mistaken at least once, by a woman who called 911, for a gas leak.


KB5 (Photo credit: UGA College of Ag)

Keeping Kudzu Bugs Out Of Your Home


With winter fast approaching, you’ve likely been seeing an increase in kudzu bug activity near your Charlotte, NC home. There are a few preventative measures you can take to protect your property from the frustrating invaders.

  1. Remove any kudzu or wisteria plants that may be around your property the best you can. Kudzu bugs are excellent fliers. If you are seeing them in your home, they likely flew from plants outside of your property area.
  2. Cover any vents, window, and doors with tight fitting screens.
  3. Seal up any holes, cracks, or that might allow kudzu bugs easy access into your home.
  4. If you do happen to get any of the bugs inside your home, vacuum them up with a shop-vac filled with hot soapy water. If using an upright vacuum, make sure it has a vacuum bag that is tightly sealed. Remember, do not crush the bugs or you will be smelling them.
  5. If the kudzu bug problem is persistent, contact a pest control professional.

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