Winterize Your Home Against Pests

cockroach faceWinter is coming, and you know what that means – as the daylight hours dwindle away and the cold weather sets in, the pests also set in – inside your house, that is. The cold weather and rain that comes with winter drives insects and other critters to seek out warmth and protection against the elements, and what better place than inside your home? Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to keep them out, as long as you plan ahead.

Eliminate Their Habitat

One of the best ways to ensure the pests stay out of your home is by eliminating their habitat. Go outside and inspect the exterior of your home to locate any places they may be dwelling, and then remove them. Remember that insects seek out areas which offer moisture, food and shelter, places to hide from predators, reproduce, and rest their weary little bug heads.

You may have to think like a bug in order to locate all their hiding places. You’ll want to keep an eye out for things like bug-sized bridges, or anything that may give non-flying insects a way inside your home. Also keep a close eye out for any place where a bug might possibly seek refuge and hide out. Cleaning out gutters and downspouts, removing debris along the exterior of your house (including rock or compost piles,) and removing autumn leaves are imperative to keeping the pests away from your home – and outside where they belong.

caulkingSeal Openings

It is important to do a thorough check along the exterior of your home in order to locate any openings. It’s even more vital that you seal those openings as soon as you find them. Not only will this keep the pests out, but it will help keep the cold air out of your home.

Some steps to take when sealing openings include replacing screens and storm windows, check the seals around entry doors and crawl space openings, replacing the weather stripping as needed. Also remember to check your basement windows, replacing any chipping in the concrete that you may happen to find. Use caulk to seal any cracks or crevices around your home’s foundation, and stuff steel wool into any holes that you stumble upon. Don’t forget to check the seals around your attic vents to make sure they are still tight.

Create a Chemical Barrier

You might want to consider creating a chemical barrier around your home. This can involve treating the soil, lawn or walkways around your house, spraying around doors and windows, and treating exterior walls and the foundation with chemical bug spray. If all else fails, you can call in a pest control professional.

Taking preventative measures to keep pests out of your home is a fairly easy and inexpensive solution. If you make the effort to incorporate the inspection of your home’s exterior part of your yearly autumn maintenance chores, it will reduce any time and stress spent on indoor pest control. Not only will it cut down on your indoor pest control efforts, but it will also help guarantee the upkeep of your home’s structure.

About the author: Chris is writer for Excel Pest Control, a New Jersey based pest control company.

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