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“Hornets” Will Return To The NBA

Hey, all you basketball fans. The 2013 NBA Finals are over, but that’s no reason we can’t talk a little hoops, is it? First and foremost, our beloved franchise here in Charlotte announced last month that starting in the 2014 season it Bobcats will be renamed back to the original Charlotte Hornets. As you all know, the Hornets relocated to New Orleans in 2002 and when Charlotte was re-granted a franchise the owners went with the Bobcats. Well, now that New Orleans has dumped the Hornets name and switched to the Pelicans, we’re taking our name back.

Hopefully the name change will be the first of many good changes for the franchise. We keep hearing how our famous owner, Michael Jordan, is 100% and fully dedicated to creating a winning franchise. Although, we have yet to see much of that. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to dump on the Bobcats/Hornets, but let’s be honest. We need to start winning! Winning is fun. Losing? Not so fun.

Here are the few things to remember when it comes to enjoying a winning franchise.

Free agency over drafting. Build the team through the draft, or through free agency? There are plenty of arguments and examples of both, but free agency is a more sure bet. When you sign an established player, you know exactly what you are getting. You have seen him play in the NBA before. As it stands, Charlotte does not have the kind of roster or coaching staff that is going to make one single star want to sign here, so it will have to be multiple signings in a short period of time. A “fast and furious” type of change. Think Houston a year ago. All of sudden they acquired James Harden and Jeremy Lin and now they are in the rumor mill to acquire Dwight Howard from the Lakers.

It starts at the top. The team’s current head coach, Steve Clifford, has quite a lot of work to do. Coming off a 28-120 record over the past two seasons, there is no where else to go but up. Clifford has a boat load of assistant coaching experience, but very little time at the helm. In fact, his last head coaching gig was in 1999 at Adelphi University. At first glance, that’s probably not the most encouraging piece of information, but maybe that’s what a young team like the soon-to-be Hornets need. Think about the last few guys that lead their team to an NBA championship. Guys with the last names of Popovich, Jackson, Rivers and Riley. Although, even they had to start somewhere, so time will only tell.

Superstars. Similar to landing a marquee coach, every winning franchise needs one, and most likely two, all-out superstars. Can you get them in the draft? Yes. Can you get them in free agency? Yes. But think about the stars that became stars with their original team, guys like Lebron James, Kevin Durant or Dwyane Wade. It was expected before they were drafted that they would become stars, and they have. Draft classes have been weak in recent years.

I’ll argue that superstars are more important than coaches. Unless the coach of your team is named Phil Jackson, you absolutely need superstars. And even Jackson had some slump years with the Lakers even with Kobe Bryant. Did Erik Spoelstra win Lebron James two rings or what it the other way around? Did Rick Carlisle win Dirk Nowitzki a ring or was it the other way around? If the Hornets are to be great, remember this: We. Need. Superstars.


Happy Valentine’s Day To Charlotte. From Bulwark.

Everyone here at Bulwark would like to give Charlotte and its surrounding cities a giant Valentine’s Day hug. Everybody deserves to have a valentine this year. At Bulwark, we thought we’d surprise some unsuspecting, but very deserving people to show our appreciation.

Last week we sent out an order of flowers and chocolates to three of our favorite news casters on television: Natalie Pasquarella from TV 9, Dianne Gallagher from NBC Charlotte and Kelli Bartik from FOX Charlotte – all lovely and professional young ladies. Without being too creepy-viewer, we thought flowers and chocolate was the best and safest item to send. Every girls like flowers, right?

Kelli even posted a picture of her flowers on her twitter page. We appreciate the shout-out, Kelli.

Last week we also released our newest video. We created it specially for Valentine’s Day and sent a link to all three ladies for them to view. Take a look.

We certainly don’t want to let you all make the same mistake, so here is a small checklist of things to do before Thursday.

– Schedule Babysitter
– Make dinner reservations or buy homemade meal ingredients
– Buy a semi-expensive bottle of wine
– And chocolates
– Call Bulwark Exterminating (This one is REALLY important, we can’t stress it enough.)

Only in a college town
Here’s a funny story for you. When I was in my last year of college, my girlfriend (now wife), was in school with me as well. I had a night class on Valentine’s Day and the teacher promised she would let us out early. After getting out of class 15 minutes late, and I without any plans, started to drive around town looking for a place to eat. I picked her up, and we headed over to Outback Steakhouse (Gimme a break! I was in college!). Wait time? FOUR hours! “That’ll be like, midnight?” I asked the girl. “Yeah, about”, she responded. We grabbed some pizza on the way home, popped in a movie at home, then called it a night. We both had class early the next morning.

Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Home

Bed bugs are infesting the country in alarming proportions. Since 1995 their population has increased worldwide. This parasitic insect that feeds on human blood causes a number of health issues ranging from skin rashes and allergies to psychological problems. They are extremely difficult to get rid of as they are nocturnal and like to hide. Most bed bugs feed on their hosts while they are sleeping so they can go undetected for quite a while before their presence is noticed. Since they are commonly found in beds, hence their name, having a mattress that resists them, such as a memory foam mattress, can help in the fight to eradicate them from your home.

Bed bugs enter homes through a variety of ways. Hitchhiking on people, pets, luggage and clothing is one way they make their way through the door. They also travel through duct work from infested areas to new habitats. Apartment buildings can be totally infested this way. If you bring items into your home from infested places the bed bugs can travel in on the items and create more havoc in their new environment. They also attach to wild animals and drop off near buildings where they make their way inside through cracks and crevices. One way to ward off their presence is by eliminating areas where they can hide and breed such as in inner-spring mattresses. Bed bugs burrow deep inside the space provided by the springs and the infestation begins. Mattresses that have a solid core like a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress do not provide a breeding area for the bugs to hide in.

Bedding is a place that harbors bed bugs. Conventional mattresses have air spaces inside which make a welcome home for these irritating insects. Once inside it is almost impossible to totally exterminate them. In most cases it is necessary to throw the mattress away. Using a memory foam mattress, a solid latex mattress, an air mattress or a water-bed will help to keep the tiny critters away. Wrapping a conventional mattress in a plastic covering can also keep them out of the bedding. Make sure to wrap the box spring as well.

The best way to keep your home free from bed bugs is to regularly be on the look out for signs of their presence. Watch for the black marks from bed bug excrement which they leave behind. If you smell an almond or ripe raspberry odor they may be in the immediate area. Vacuuming often and cleaning around baseboards, switch plates and other openings in walls may help to keep them out. Wash all linens in the hottest available water to kill off any bugs on them. Of course using a memory foam mattress or other solid core mattress will eliminate a breeding area in your bedroom. If you follow all of these things the bed bugs will hopefully move in with someone other than you.

Give your Valentine a Roach Name?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Of all the crazy Valentine’s gifts and posts out there, How can a pest control guy compete? Well I was happy to resign this holiday to the flower puff girls and the chocolate Dips. Especially after our last bust on the 12 worst Christmas Gifts… Definitely leave me out of the Valentine’s scene.

Until I came across this Valentine’s Love Bug Gift idea…

Valentine's Day Roach

NAME a Roach

Whaaaaat????? You can’t be serious. …but yes they are.

How low can you go?  You realize these are HISSING roaches?  Nothing says I love you more than a little hiss, especially when coming from a cockroach.

How can I sit here and be silent when the Bronx Zoo is making a mockery of Valentine’s Day for me? Sure sure, there’s a donation and it goes to a good cause. But wow?  WOW!  And I thought that dumping my girlfriend prior to Valentine’s day was low… I am sure many a women would prefer to be dumped over this Valentine’s day gift.

In all honesty, Who wants a roach named after them?

On Valentine’s day or any other day of the year? If you want to save this species or learn more about them then go buy one online. Yes, you can buy one online, an for a cheaper price then naming one.

But sticking with this them, without being a hater on Valentine’s day, our top ten picks for Roach Names:

10: Stinky

9: Bill

8: Dopey (as in smoke that roach)

7: Cat Bait

6: Poor boy’s pet.

5: I look like a prune but don’t eat me.

4: Colgate (You are what you eat.)

3: Chicken Soup ( Ask Luke Fender )

2: Splat. ( pest control humor )

1: Vader. “Happy…. <hooohhhpaaaa > Valentine’s Day…

< hoohhpaaaa.. cough> my young padawan.

Bulwark Is Kind Of Hiring. Merry People Only, No Grinches.

Bulwark Exterminating is looking for qualified individuals to fill multiple full-time and year-round Merry Person positions.  Merry Persons are responsible for being the happiest people they can possibly be and spreading that happiness beyond the holiday season and new year.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Be merry to every single person you come in contact with, including those that might be less kind to you and/or others.  This position is responsible for developing the maximum level of “merry” and passing it on to: friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, fellow drivers, elderly people, children, pets, and everyone else.  You will be expected to do things such as: smile to people, wave to people, drink hot chocolate and/or hot cider and/or egg nog, wear a scarf, don’t be a grinch, don’t be a scrouge, don’t leave coal in anyone’s stocking, and open the door to the freezing carolers outside.


– Be a human being

Salary: Lots of good memories and a happy lifestyle

Benefits: More than you know.

Qualified candidates should NOT email their resume and/or cover letter to anyone.  No phones call please.

Bulwark Exterminating is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Pointy looking elf ears will not play in your favor.