Bed Bugs

What A Rental Property Owner Should Know About Bed Bugs

I would say that now is one of worst times to be a property renter if you are unfamiliar and unprepared for a potential bed bug problem. Most property owners are very unaware of the current bed bug problem, or just don’t think that it’s a problem in their city or town when in fact this is a national problem.

bedbugProperty Owners & Bedbugs


A property owner should be aware of the local laws that govern how they respond to a tenant complaining of bed bugs. Depending on where your property is located you could be fully responsible for treating the property if your tenant has a problem and treatment could range from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. It may not be a bad idea to question new tenants to find out if they have ever had a problem with bed bugs and maybe even have them sign an agreement that you will not be responsible for any bed bug problems that they bring in.

Here Are The Bed Bug Laws By State

Tenants & Bed Bugs


The spread of bed bugs happens very easily because they are a hitchhiking bug. When your tenants have visitors over, or they visit someone with bed bugs, then there is a high probability that they will end with bed bugs. You can also get bed bugs from used furniture. There have been cases where people have gotten bed bugs and then knowingly sold their bed bug infested furniture at a garage sale to get as much money as possible. So I would never recommend buying used furniture unless you plan on having it treated or inspected by a professional before introducing it into your home.

Occupation can also cause a bed bug problem in your rental. If your job requires you to see lots of different people throughout the day like a doctor, nurse, police officer, or firefighter then your chances of getting bed bugs increases.

Rental Agreements & Bed Bugs


Having a good rental agreement is the best way to insure that you never have to spend two years worth of rent to treat a bed bug infested unit. Having your home professionally inspected after each tenant moves out and showing proof of no bed bugs will help to avoid liability. If a tenant moves in and shortly after the move they claim that there are bed bugs in the home, then you may be responsible for damages to include replacing all of their furniture and getting the home treated. Even if you know that the home did not have them prior and maybe they brought them with them, you need to show proof that your rental did not have any bed bugs and the best way to do this is by professional inspection.

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Does Toxic Mold Cause Bed Bugs? Here Are Some Tips You Need To Know

Mold BedbugsMold and bed bugs are two things that no one wants to see when they crawl in bed for a restful night’s sleep. While bedbugs do not spread disease, they do bite people during the night, which can result in itchy and uncomfortable skin. Molds, including allergenic and toxic types, can also set up residence in the mattress due to the dark, warm and moist environment. Repeated exposure to mold can cause a wide variety of symptoms and illnesses. With the shared environment, many people wonder whether mold can cause bed bugs. Although this is not the case, neither mold nor bed bugs deserve a welcome in your home, much less in your bed.

Causes of Bed Bug Infestation


Bed bugs are tiny and can hide just about anywhere. They are nocturnal and only wake up to feed at night. Bed bugs never went away overseas, and as Americans began to amass more and more possessions and the market for used and imported goods has flourished, as has international travel, it was only a matter of time before bed bugs became an epidemic here. In most cases, a bed bug infestation is a result of poor hygiene. However, you don’t have to have poor hygiene to get bed bugs in your house. They can hide in a used book, a moving truck, an empty box, or hitch a ride in your luggage when you come home from staying at a hotel. Your own hygiene can be excellent but you can still end up with bed bugs in your house.

Preventing Bed Bugs


You can prevent bed bugs from getting into your house and biting you while you sleep. These strategies can help keep you bed bug free.
Avoid buying used furniture from unknown sources.
Isolate used linens, clothing, books and other items for two weeks before bringing them into your home. Alternatively, bag them up in a heavy black plastic garbage bag and let them sit in the sun all day. The heat will kill the bugs. Examine hotel rooms for the signs of bed bugs before unpacking your luggage or using the bed.

Mold Infestation


No matter what the type of mold, it needs a moist environment, something to grow on, warmth and it prefers darkness. A mattress provides all of these. Although mold spores are everywhere within the environment, repeated exposure for many hours every day can cause some people to develop troublesome symptoms. Common symptoms of mold exposure include sinus and nasal congestion, coughing, trouble breathing, wheezing, skin irritation, itchy eyes, and frequent respiratory infections. Babies, young children, and elderly people are at a higher risk of developing symptoms from mold exposure. People with chronic respiratory diseases or immune system disorders are also at an increased risk of mold sicknesses.

Preventing Mold


You can prevent mold from overtaking your bedroom and your house. Some things to try include:
-Encasing your mattress in a waterproof cover.
-Using exhaust fans or opening a window when showering and cooking.
-Use an air conditioner and dehumidifier to get rid of excess indoor moisture.
-Clean frequently.

When Mold and Bed Bugs Coincide


If you have symptoms of a bed bug infestation or a mold infestation, you need to take action. You might need to take drastic measures such as getting rid of your mattress and having a pest control company come into your home to get rid of the bed bugs. Proper air conditioner maintenance can also help with mold control. Being cautious when purchasing furniture and other items for your home can also help prevent bed bugs. These inexpensive tips can help keep you, your family and your home healthy and free of the symptoms of bed bugs and mold exposure.

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Author Bio: Robert had a lot of problems with mold and bed bugs as soon as he moved into his new home. In this very interesting article Robert explained the relationship of mold and bed bugs.

How Do You Find and Hire a Bed Bug Expert?

Bedbug Close-UpSo you think you might have bed bugs. You may have them, or you may not. What you think could be bed bugs could be another type of insect in your home – yikes – which means that you may need another course of treatment. Or perhaps what you think are bed bug bites on you could simply be an allergy to something else. For example, certain kinds of laundry detergent can cause allergies that look similar to bug bites.

However, you do not want to simply think you have bed bugs, and try to treat them at home. Over-the-counter treatments for bed bugs are ineffective at best. At worst, they are flammable materials that could start a fire. Not good!

What a bed bug expert can do


This is why you need to hire a bed bug expert to analyze the situation, and see whether you have bed bugs. In many cases, the expert has a bed bug dog that is trained to have a nose for bed bugs. The bed bug expert – whether or not they have a dog (and it is better if they work with a dog) — can work with you to determine whether you have bed bugs.

Then, if you do have bed bugs, the expert can help you figure out a course of action. Some companies, like Bed Bug Finders LLC will recommend heat treatment, while other companies freeze the bed bugs, and still others have other forms of treatments. Talk to the bed bug expert about what sort of treatment you are comfortable with. Depending how bad the infestation is, you may or may not have to get rid of your bed.

How to find a bed bug expert


Normally, we recommend when you are searching for a professional to ask your friends for a recommendation. But the problem with doing that for finding a bed bug expert is that 1) you may be embarrassed to tell others that you may have bed bugs, and 2) your friends may be embarrassed to admit to you that they had bed bugs.

So you may want to use the internet to search for bed bug experts, and check out local companies. When you find some companies to consider, you should check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that a pest control company you are considering is reputable. In addition, you can check with places like Yelp, although take the results with a grain of salt. Good luck.

Author Bio:

Lisa Swan writes for a variety of sites, including Bed Bug Finders, LLC.


6 Ways To Elminate Bed Bugs In Your Home

Adult bed bug, Cimex lectularius

Adult bed bug, Cimex lectularius (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite their name, “bed bugs” can be found in almost any part of your house and are often found far away from the bedroom. Bed bugs might be lurking in your bookshelves (avoid buying used books on the street for this reason) or in your couch (avoid buying used couches too!) or in other places too. There are several ways to tell if you have bed bugs – maybe you saw an actual bug or egg so you are 100% certain; perhaps you have woken up covered in bites leading you to believe you might have bed bugs; or maybe you have even had an inspector come to your house to confirm your fears. Either way, now that you know you have an infestation, you are probably wondering how to take care of it.

First, save a specimen. This might sound gross, but you should hold onto the physical bodies of the bed bugs in a Ziploc. Beyond helping the exterminator confirm the infestation, you might need to show them to your landlord or insurer so that you can recover your costs. You may never see an actual bug, so if you do, grab it. Take pictures of any damage as well.

Second, don’t switch to another bed in your house. Your first instinct might be to sleep elsewhere if the bed bugs are actually found in your bed. But unfortunately, all this will achieve is spreading the infestation. So don’t start sleeping on the couch, and definitely don’t stay at a friend or relative’s house. The bed bugs will be waiting for you when you get home and will have left some cousins wherever you went.

Third, consult a professional. Even if you are sure you have bed bugs, you should always get a professional pest control operator to come in, identify the pest and then treat it. Call them as soon as you suspect an infestation and get them into your home right away. Treatment takes time, so start sooner rather than later.

Fourth, check the other beds. Not everyone will know if they have bed bugs just by being bitten. Not everybody reacts to the bites in the same way, so there could be bugs in their beds without them knowing. Make sure your professional pest control operator does a thorough check of the home.

Fifth, don’t start throwing everything away. Not every piece of furniture in your home needs to be sent to the landfill. Ask your professional pest control operator what can be saved and what should be tossed. Once you know what cannot be saved, the professional can help you dispose of it properly and safely so as not to spread the bugs even further.

Sixth, do start washing your linens and clothing. Your clothing and bedding should be dealt with right away. Machine wash everything on hot and then dry them on hot for about two hours. Dry cleaning is also an option. Whichever option you choose, the key part is to put the cleaned clothing and linens in sealed, airtight bags until you are going to use them in your bed bug free house.

Finding out you have bed bugs is never fun. But if you follow the proper precautions and have patience, hopefully the bed bugs will be handled quickly and without major loss of sleep, furniture, and money.

About the Author: Michelle Lim has been writing about designer bedding for this website for years. When she’s not spending her time writing, she enjoys shopping and going on vacations with her boyfriend.


Charlotte Hotel Has Bedbugs


eaten alive

eaten alive (Photo credit: The Guncle)

Charlotte Hotel Has Bedbugs


A woman reached out to Channel 9 News in Charlotte, claiming she got bedbugs from the Homewood Suites Hotel while she was in town during CIAA weekend.

The woman, identified as Stephanie Eason, claims she took the bedbugs home with her without even knowing it, and now they are now infesting her Raleigh, NC home.

Eason said she checked into the hotel on February 28, 2013. During her three night stay, her and her friend saw what appeared to be bugs crawling on the couch inside their room. She contacted the hotel staff, who immediately came and sprayed to room for bugs.

It’s about the room was sprayed, that Eason began noticing red welts on her legs. She determined them to be bites; bites from the notorious bedbug.

Charlotte Hotel Treated For Bedbugs


Eason contacted the County Health department who investigated the matter. It was determined that the Homewood Suites Hotel did in fact have bedbugs.

Before the Country Health Department had arrived, the Hotel had been very proactive in treating the bedbug infestation. The room had been closed down, along with three other adjacent rooms. The rooms were treated by pest control professionals.

Eason also sought the services of a Raleigh pest control professional to eliminate the bedbugs from her Raleigh home. She is seeking compensation for the incident, and working with the hotel’s insurance company.

Bed Bug

Bed Bug (Photo credit: agrilifetoday)



Bedbugs are malevolent bloodsucking insects that are easily transferred from hotels, buses, taxis, to apartments and homes. Bedbugs are reddish-brown in color. The are flat, and look much like an apple seed.

Bedbugs hide in the bedding, mattresses, carpet and furniture; emerging to feed on human hosts. Bedbugs need blood to survive, and are very resilient and hard to eliminate. If you fear you have brought bedbugs into your home, contact a pest control professional immediately.

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Charlotte Bedbugs Infest Democratic National Convention Hotels

The DNC Convention—Charlotte September 4th

The DNC Convention—Charlotte September 4th

Charlotte has been crawling with excitement about this week’s Democratic National Convention, but the city isn’t the only thing crawling. Bedbugs have infested nine of the hotels being used by Democrats and convention-goers; crawling inside hotel mattresses, bedding, and furniture.

Bedbug infestations are growing at exponential rates—some reports say as much as 75% from the same time last year. The Bedbug Crisis Hotline has increased ten fold in the last 6 months.

Charlotte Bedbug Ranking

Charlotte has some ground to make up before its bedbug levels reach the likes of cities such as New York, Boston and Washington, D.C., where recent infestations have made national headlines. A recent survey ranked Charlotte as the 33rd most bedbug infested city. The top three infested cities are Cincinnati, Chicago, and then Detroit.

bedbug (Cimex sp.)

bedbug (Cimex sp.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Online Bedbug Reports

The increase of bedbug activity in cities like Charlotte has led to the introduction of websites such as and Travelers can share their horrific hotel experiences in hopes of forewarning other travelers. shows 31 Charlotte-area hotels in which guests have reported bedbugs, including nine that will host at least 10 of the state delegations attending this week’s convention.

DNC Hotels

Of the hotels hosting convention delegates, the most bedbug complaints have been directed at the Charlotte Marriott City Center, where five reports have been reported in the last year. Visitors report finding bites days after their stays, and at least two have said they ended up bringing bedbugs home with them. Another report says the hotel refuses to offer compensation for laundry bills after a visitor had to have their clothes specially treated. Some of the other Charlotte hotels where Democratic delegates are staying, that are reporting bedbugs, include: the Double Tree by Hilton, Drury Inn & Suites Northlake, and the Charlotte-Center City Holiday Inn.

Traveling Tips

If you are doing some traveling in the coming weeks, make sure to do your online research on one of the aforementioned websites and see how many bedbug infestations are being reported at your hotel. For some great tip on avoiding bedbugs while traveling check out:

If you are in the Charlotte, NC area and having any trouble with bedbugs, contact a pest control professional today!


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Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Home

Bed bugs are infesting the country in alarming proportions. Since 1995 their population has increased worldwide. This parasitic insect that feeds on human blood causes a number of health issues ranging from skin rashes and allergies to psychological problems. They are extremely difficult to get rid of as they are nocturnal and like to hide. Most bed bugs feed on their hosts while they are sleeping so they can go undetected for quite a while before their presence is noticed. Since they are commonly found in beds, hence their name, having a mattress that resists them, such as a memory foam mattress, can help in the fight to eradicate them from your home.

Bed bugs enter homes through a variety of ways. Hitchhiking on people, pets, luggage and clothing is one way they make their way through the door. They also travel through duct work from infested areas to new habitats. Apartment buildings can be totally infested this way. If you bring items into your home from infested places the bed bugs can travel in on the items and create more havoc in their new environment. They also attach to wild animals and drop off near buildings where they make their way inside through cracks and crevices. One way to ward off their presence is by eliminating areas where they can hide and breed such as in inner-spring mattresses. Bed bugs burrow deep inside the space provided by the springs and the infestation begins. Mattresses that have a solid core like a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress do not provide a breeding area for the bugs to hide in.

Bedding is a place that harbors bed bugs. Conventional mattresses have air spaces inside which make a welcome home for these irritating insects. Once inside it is almost impossible to totally exterminate them. In most cases it is necessary to throw the mattress away. Using a memory foam mattress, a solid latex mattress, an air mattress or a water-bed will help to keep the tiny critters away. Wrapping a conventional mattress in a plastic covering can also keep them out of the bedding. Make sure to wrap the box spring as well.

The best way to keep your home free from bed bugs is to regularly be on the look out for signs of their presence. Watch for the black marks from bed bug excrement which they leave behind. If you smell an almond or ripe raspberry odor they may be in the immediate area. Vacuuming often and cleaning around baseboards, switch plates and other openings in walls may help to keep them out. Wash all linens in the hottest available water to kill off any bugs on them. Of course using a memory foam mattress or other solid core mattress will eliminate a breeding area in your bedroom. If you follow all of these things the bed bugs will hopefully move in with someone other than you.