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Bug Themed Stocking Stuffers

Bug SuckerChristmas is right around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s time to start planning ahead and buying gifts. There are plenty of bug-themed gifts you can get for your family and friends of all ages, many of which make great stocking stuffers. Below is a list of five bug-themed gift ideas that you can stuff in your loved one’s stockings this Christmas season.

Bug Stickers

A staple of childhood is a simple sheet of stickers. If you shop around, you’ll find that there are many different bug stickers that you can buy for your little one. Whether you want something cute and cartoonish or creepy and realistic, there’s sure to be sets of bug stickers that will please everyone.

Bug Candy

There’s the classic bug candy – gummy worms and other insects – and then there’s the candy which actually contains a bug within its center. Suckers containing insects such as crickets, beetles, and scorpions have long been popular among older children, and chocolate covered ants and grasshoppers are popular snacks in other countries. Bug candy is a fun gift if you’re looking for a novelty item or if you’re looking to broaden your child’s culinary experiences.

Glow-in-the-dark Bug Wall Clings

Glow-in-the-dark wall clings have been popular for quite the wall, and there are many different types to choose from. Insects are always popular for kids, since many kids are fascinated with bugs. After all, who doesn’t want a handful of creepy, crawly critters glowing on their bedroom wall at night?

Bug Jewelry

Bug jewelry is a diverse gift option that can be given to both young and older children alike – and can also be a great stocking stuffer for adults, too. There are tons of gorgeous jewelry pieces featuring a variety of bugs set in acrylic, so you can pick from bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and key chains. You might even want to pick a piece that glows in the dark, especially for the younger kids or someone who is prone to having a hard time locating her keys in her purse. If you don’t like the idea of jewelry featuring actual insects, then plastic bug jewelry, such as spider rings, are also available and would make a good stocking stuffer.

Bug Toys

Plastic or stretchy bug toys always make excellent stocking stuffers, especially for younger kids. Children love playing with bugs, and toy versions of our insect friends gives them the option to explore the bug kingdom without actually getting down and dirty with real live insects. Bug toys are great gifts for toddlers and preschoolers – just make sure they’re big enough so that your child won’t choke should the toy happen to make its way to their mouth.

These are just a few ideas for stocking stuffers with a bug theme. There are tons of creative gift ideas that you can consider, especially if your child is fond of or fascinated with bugs. When you don’t know what to get your little one, you really can’t go wrong with bug-themed presents.

Chris is a blogger for Fox Pest Control a Virginia Beach based pest control company.

Bug Themed Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party

Halloween is right around the corner, and you know what that means: it’s time to start planning for your Halloween party! Whether you’re planning to invite guests into your home or simply like to decorate for trick-or-treaters, there are tons of creepy crawly décor ideas that can help you create the ambiance you crave for Halloween night. Below are some bug-themed Halloween party decoration ideas that can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Spindly Spider Pumpkin

This fun craft project involves turning three pumpkins on their sides to create a spindly creature. Button eyes and long branch legs complete this creepy crawly piece. You can also choose to spray paint the pumpkins and branches black for a creepier effect, or leave them their natural color. This is a cute yet creepy decorative piece that is fun for homes with children, as they can help you put together the spider creature in your yard and show it off to their friends on Halloween night.

Caterpillar Pumpkin

This decorative piece is similar to the spindly spider, only instead of a spider you’ll be creating a caterpillar for your front yard. This project requires the use of about 10 medium-to-large sized pumpkins, green and black paint, large googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and circle felt shapes or construction paper. Essentially, you’ll be painting the pumpkins green, the stems black, and applying the circle shapes scattered along each gourd. Place the googly eyes on the “head” of the caterpillar, and curl the pipe cleaners before attaching them to the top of the head. Place the pumpkins in a curving line to make the body, with the head at the front, and voila – you have a caterpillar! (Alternately, you can use miniature pumpkins and markers to create a smaller caterpillar, which is a fun craft project for your kids and makes a great indoor decoration.)

Pumpkin_SpiderwebsCobwebs and Spiders

Cobwebs and fake spiders are a common Halloween decoration. For an elegant yet creepy look, you can drape some fake cobwebs and spiders over a stack of pumpkins, hang the cobwebs from a doorway, or drape them over tree branches or hedges. If you have a porch, draping the cobwebs from the support beams can create a spooky appearance.

Bug Jack-o-Lanterns

For those who enjoy carving their pumpkins, finding bug-shaped patterns to carve into their jack-o-lanterns will help complete the creepy, crawly décor theme you seek. Butterflies, spiders, and beetles are all great – and creepy! – patterns that can easily carved into your jack-o-lantern, and will look fantastic illuminated by a candle.

Bugs on Lampshades

Magnetic bugs or bug cutouts can be applied to lampshades around the home to create a truly creepy effect. Your guests will think they are in the midst of a bug invasion movie – maybe you could even include a ginormous spider prop somewhere throughout your home to really creep them out!

The possibilities for incorporating bugs into your Halloween décor are virtually endless – bugs are, after all, a common Halloween theme! Whether you’re going for cute or scary, there are tons of ideas you can use – just be sure to have fun while putting everything together.

About the author: Chris is a blogger for an NJ Pest Control company. He’s looking forward to celebrating Halloween with his two little boys.

Happy Valentine’s Day To Charlotte. From Bulwark.

Everyone here at Bulwark would like to give Charlotte and its surrounding cities a giant Valentine’s Day hug. Everybody deserves to have a valentine this year. At Bulwark, we thought we’d surprise some unsuspecting, but very deserving people to show our appreciation.

Last week we sent out an order of flowers and chocolates to three of our favorite news casters on television: Natalie Pasquarella from TV 9, Dianne Gallagher from NBC Charlotte and Kelli Bartik from FOX Charlotte – all lovely and professional young ladies. Without being too creepy-viewer, we thought flowers and chocolate was the best and safest item to send. Every girls like flowers, right?

Kelli even posted a picture of her flowers on her twitter page. We appreciate the shout-out, Kelli.

Last week we also released our newest video. We created it specially for Valentine’s Day and sent a link to all three ladies for them to view. Take a look.

We certainly don’t want to let you all make the same mistake, so here is a small checklist of things to do before Thursday.

– Schedule Babysitter
– Make dinner reservations or buy homemade meal ingredients
– Buy a semi-expensive bottle of wine
– And chocolates
– Call Bulwark Exterminating (This one is REALLY important, we can’t stress it enough.)

Only in a college town
Here’s a funny story for you. When I was in my last year of college, my girlfriend (now wife), was in school with me as well. I had a night class on Valentine’s Day and the teacher promised she would let us out early. After getting out of class 15 minutes late, and I without any plans, started to drive around town looking for a place to eat. I picked her up, and we headed over to Outback Steakhouse (Gimme a break! I was in college!). Wait time? FOUR hours! “That’ll be like, midnight?” I asked the girl. “Yeah, about”, she responded. We grabbed some pizza on the way home, popped in a movie at home, then called it a night. We both had class early the next morning.

Give your Valentine a Roach Name?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Of all the crazy Valentine’s gifts and posts out there, How can a pest control guy compete? Well I was happy to resign this holiday to the flower puff girls and the chocolate Dips. Especially after our last bust on the 12 worst Christmas Gifts… Definitely leave me out of the Valentine’s scene.

Until I came across this Valentine’s Love Bug Gift idea…

Valentine's Day Roach


NAME a Roach

Whaaaaat????? You can’t be serious. …but yes they are.

How low can you go?  You realize these are HISSING roaches?  Nothing says I love you more than a little hiss, especially when coming from a cockroach.

How can I sit here and be silent when the Bronx Zoo is making a mockery of Valentine’s Day for me? Sure sure, there’s a donation and it goes to a good cause. But wow?  WOW!  And I thought that dumping my girlfriend prior to Valentine’s day was low… I am sure many a women would prefer to be dumped over this Valentine’s day gift.

In all honesty, Who wants a roach named after them?

On Valentine’s day or any other day of the year? If you want to save this species or learn more about them then go buy one online. Yes, you can buy one online, an for a cheaper price then naming one.

But sticking with this them, without being a hater on Valentine’s day, our top ten picks for Roach Names:

10: Stinky

9: Bill

8: Dopey (as in smoke that roach)

7: Cat Bait

6: Poor boy’s pet.

5: I look like a prune but don’t eat me.

4: Colgate (You are what you eat.)

3: Chicken Soup ( Ask Luke Fender )

2: Splat. ( pest control humor )

1: Vader. “Happy…. <hooohhhpaaaa > Valentine’s Day…

< hoohhpaaaa.. cough> my young padawan.

Bulwark Is Kind Of Hiring. Merry People Only, No Grinches.

Bulwark Exterminating is looking for qualified individuals to fill multiple full-time and year-round Merry Person positions.  Merry Persons are responsible for being the happiest people they can possibly be and spreading that happiness beyond the holiday season and new year.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Be merry to every single person you come in contact with, including those that might be less kind to you and/or others.  This position is responsible for developing the maximum level of “merry” and passing it on to: friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, fellow drivers, elderly people, children, pets, and everyone else.  You will be expected to do things such as: smile to people, wave to people, drink hot chocolate and/or hot cider and/or egg nog, wear a scarf, don’t be a grinch, don’t be a scrouge, don’t leave coal in anyone’s stocking, and open the door to the freezing carolers outside.


– Be a human being

Salary: Lots of good memories and a happy lifestyle

Benefits: More than you know.

Qualified candidates should NOT email their resume and/or cover letter to anyone.  No phones call please.

Bulwark Exterminating is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Pointy looking elf ears will not play in your favor.