merry christmas

Bulwark Is Kind Of Hiring. Merry People Only, No Grinches.

Bulwark Exterminating is looking for qualified individuals to fill multiple full-time and year-round Merry Person positions.  Merry Persons are responsible for being the happiest people they can possibly be and spreading that happiness beyond the holiday season and new year.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Be merry to every single person you come in contact with, including those that might be less kind to you and/or others.  This position is responsible for developing the maximum level of “merry” and passing it on to: friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, fellow drivers, elderly people, children, pets, and everyone else.  You will be expected to do things such as: smile to people, wave to people, drink hot chocolate and/or hot cider and/or egg nog, wear a scarf, don’t be a grinch, don’t be a scrouge, don’t leave coal in anyone’s stocking, and open the door to the freezing carolers outside.


– Be a human being

Salary: Lots of good memories and a happy lifestyle

Benefits: More than you know.

Qualified candidates should NOT email their resume and/or cover letter to anyone.  No phones call please.

Bulwark Exterminating is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Pointy looking elf ears will not play in your favor.