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Can Ants Cause a House Fire?

According to a fireman in Florida they can. A home in Florida caught fire, killed a few cats, and caused 80,000 in damages and the culprit was a little black carpenter ant. The colony nested in the wall near an electrical outlet. When one of the ants got grounded it burst into flames and the fire quickly spread. So you can certainly add that to your list of why not to have carpenter ants in your walls.

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Get rid of ants

Ant Season is really heating up.  Ants are now one of the most common requests we receive.  Ant control is all about getting rid of ant queens.  Its kinda like chess, except its the queen that you want to kill instead of king.  Once she is out, game over!

Of course, that’s assuming that there is only one queen. Some colonies actually have more the one queen.  This is mostly dependent on the ant species.  For more info on ant colonies check out this ant video:

WOW – Queen Ants can live for up to 20 years!

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What’s a group of ants called?
-A group of ants is called a colony.