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Helpful Hints on Rodent Pest Control

Mouse By TailAny kind of pest problem is a major nuisance no matter how you look at it, but when it comes to having rodents in your home, it’s a whole nother story. Rodent infestations often feel like a serious invasion of space and is a situation that cripple many people with fear. This is definitely a circumstance that you don’t want to try handling on your own, but instead requires the immediate help of a pest control professional.

Importance of Rodent Pest Control


The significance of pest control when there are rodents present goes way beyond getting rid of them simply because they get into your food and look disgusting if you happen to actually see them scurrying about. Mice and rats are actually a dangerous risk to your health. Rodents carry numerous kinds of bacteria, diseases and parasites around on their furry little bodies, which they are sure to bring into your home any time they can find a way in.

They are also known to gnaw and chew on electrical wiring, causing fires and leaving destruction in their wake. Another good reason to call in a professional pest control company as soon as you notice signs of a possible rodent intrusion is because these critters reproduce large amounts of offspring in a short period of time, which can result in a massive problem when not dealt with quickly and properly.

How Rodents Give Themselves Away


Nesting MiceRodents often leave evidence of their existence around a house, and if you know what to look for, you can catch them before the dilemma spirals out of control. Common indications you’re sharing your home with uninvited visitors include: droppings, which are typically found wherever there’s food, holes or teeth marks in food packaging, scampering or squeaking noises, nests made of a mish-mash of trash, paper, furniture stuffing, grass, twigs, etc., musky or foul odors, footprints or tail streaks, smears of grease and pets that suddenly get excited around a certain area of the home.

Prevention For the Future


Though some dwellings may be more appealing to rodents than others, no home is completely safe from these undesirable creatures. To do your best at preventing unwelcome house guests from choosing your residence as their next source for food and warmth, there are several preventive measures you can take.

Keep all food and pet food sealed tightly in containers that aren’t vulnerable to sharp rodent teeth. Take the trash out consistently and keep airtight lids on garbage cans. Routinely check that all entry points are secured and impenetrable and pay close attention to even the smallest holes and cracks in your foundation (rodents can squeeze through tiny open spaces). Get rid of any form of water supply by repairing leaky pipes and faucets, clearing out gutters and keeping bird baths and decorative fountains a good distance from your home.

Catching rodent problems early on or preventing them altogether with regular pest control inspections is the key to sleeping peacefully at night without the concern that there are unsavory vermin roaming around your home.

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Tips On How To Prevent Pests From Invading Your Garden

Garden overlooking spectacular English countryside

Garden Pests

There is nothing quite as disgustingly irritating as seeing pests of any shapes or sizes scurry across your beautifully pruned lawn. Whilst rodents, insects, moles, squirrels and other pests can invade your garden at any time of the year, there are certain steps we can take to make life harder for a pesky pest in its quest to wreak havoc in our beloved gardens.

Take a look at some of the ways you can help prevent pests from invading your garden.

Keep Rubbish At Bay

There is nothing that rodents, such as rats and pests such as cockroaches, love more than rummaging round for decaying rubbish that has been left outside in the garden. The smell of food, whatever it may be, will attract rodents and pests, which will rapidly multiply in numbers unless the rubbish is dealt with accordingly and taken away.

This potential problem is easy to rectify or avoid by simply ensuring that all rubbish left outside your home is securely inside a sealed container that is impossible for any unwanted pests to enter.

Cover Up Compost

Similar to the irresistible odor of rotting food in unsealed bins floating into the air, the smells generated from unsealed compost heaps will inevitably attract pests and rodents. To avoid the likes of rats, mice, foxes and cockroaches congregating in your compost heap, take the sensible precaution of covering all compost up with a tightly sealed cover.

Trim Back Branches and Trees

Many insects live in the boughs and branches of trees and bushes and whilst this is not usually a problem if these insects are confined to our gardens, if they manage to make their way into our homes, it may become problematic.

You can limit the chances of tree-born insects making their way indoors by trimming back trees and bushes so that they are well away from the house, as overhanging branches that are in contact with the walls of houses is an open invitation for bugs galore.

Place Bird Feed in a Suitable Bird Feeder

Throwing the crusts of the children’s sandwiches and other unwanted food onto the lawn to feed the birds is just crying out to invite the likes of rats, foxes and pests into your garden. Instead of throwing food into the garden willy-nilly, place bird feed in a controlled feeder will ensure that only the birds reap your generosity and not every fox, squirrel, rat and mouse in the neighborhood!

Jessica Jones works as a pest controller and often uses supplies from turfland.co.uk to keep her garden pest free.