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Bulwark Word Search Infographic

Do you like puzzles?

How about word search puzzles?

Well, apparently at least 13,000 of you do, because that’s how many people took part in a “Pest Test” word search puzzle that went viral on Facebook.

The word search puzzle, which was put together by the pest control professionals at Bulwark Exterminating, was published on the pest control company’s Facebook page. Viewers of the puzzle were asked to comment on the first pest that they found.

Would you like to participate as well? Here you go:

Bulwark Pest Word Search Puzzle


Bulwark Pest Test Puzzle


Well, now that you have seen the word search puzzle, what was the first pest you saw? The first pest that you saw, was it also the pest you fear the most? Is this pest also very prominent in the Charlotte area?

What Pests Are Hiding In The Word Search Puzzle?


Now that you’ve looked over the pest test word search puzzle, and found at least one pest, you likely want to find them all.

Find the following pests:

  • Scorpion
  • Spider
  • Termite
  • Wasp
  • Bug
  • Roach
  • Fly
  • Bedbugs
  • Ant
  • Lice
  • Flea
  • Gnat
  • Centipede

You can also find these other words:

  • Rice
  • Ice
  • Ted
  • Cop
  • Toys
  • Soda
  • Cats

Bulwark Pest Word Search Infographic


Now that you’ve found all the pests hidden in the word search puzzle, yes the very one that went viral over Facebook this summer, maybe you’ve been wondering how you stacked up against the 13,000 plus participants who commented the first pest they found.

Don’t forget to read some of the interesting facts about some of the pests found in the infographic as well.


Wordsearch Puzzle Infographic


As you can see, scorpions were the most common pest that was found in the word search. Fortunately, Charlotte doesn’t have too may scorpion lurking. Charlotte is home to spiders, termites, roaches, bedbugs, flies, ants, gnats, lice, fleas, and centipedes; so watch out!

If you are seeing any of these unfortunate pests, get Charlotte Pest Control!

Invasion Of Fire Ants In Charlotte Due To Weather

Fire AntsCharlotte area residents have been under attack the last few weeks, under attack from fierce stinging fire ants. In fact, the fire ant control professionals at Bulwark Exterminating in Charlotte have been taking numerous phone calls a day from desperate Charlotte homeowners needing answers and protection from these malevolent ant pests.

Charlotte Weather Causing Fire Ants To Invade

The increase of rain in the greater Charlotte area, combined with a delay in the extremely high temperatures, has created an ideal environment for Fire ants to invade our homes. The Fire ants are looking to escape the excessive water, and head for higher ground away from the moisture and puddles. That is why we are seeing so many of these ants in our homes as of late.

Once the heavy summer rains subside, the Fire ants will return to their mounds and repair any damage the moisture may have likely caused. If their huge nests are beyond repair, they’ll simply move on to another part of your yard and build a completely new nest. This whole process will take about 48 hours.

Fire Ants In Charlotte

One of the most common and most feared pests in Charlotte, NC is the Red Imported Fire ant. They are reddish-brown in color, with darker abdomens. The worker ants range in size from 1/16 to 1/4 of an inch in length. These ants are well known for their very painful stings, and the massive mounds these destructive ants build in your yards. To top it all off, Fire ants reproduce very quickly. One Fire Ant queen can lay almost one million eggs in her lifetime.

In addition to reproducing rapidly, Fire ants also spread very quickly. This is very evident to most of us in Charlotte who are seeing these stinging ants in our homes, schools, churches, libraries, and stores. Fire ants are excellent hitchhikers, grabbing onto anything that moves. If you start seeing these ants in one place, it won’t be long before they’ll be within a mile radius.

Charlotte Fire Ant Control

If you are seeing an invasion of Fire ants in and around your Charlotte, NC home or property, do not wait until it’s too late before you get some help. Waiting can cause the ants to completely take over your property; stinging you, your children, and your pets. Call a Charlotte Fire Ant Control professional today!

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North Carolina Carpenter Ant Prevention

Carpenter ant (Camponotus pennsylvanicus)

Carpenter ant (Camponotus pennsylvanicus) (Photo credit: Futureman1)

One of the most common and most destructive ant pests in the Charlotte, NC area is the Carpenter ant. In North Carolina, the Carpenter ant that is most frequently pestering homeowners is the Black Carpenter ant (Camponotus pennsylvanicus). This species of Carpenter ant is also referred to as the Pennsylvania Carpenter ant. Whatever you want to call it, this ant species can be very destructive.

Carpenter Ants


One of the largest groupings of ant species is the Carpenter ant. They are most well known for their ability to tunnel through wood; and this is one of the primary reasons confuse Carpenter ants for termites. Carpenter ants do differ from termites, in that they do not eat the wood in which they tunnel. North Carolina Carpenter ants reach lengths of about 1/4 inch long, but a few ½ long ants have been spotted.

Normal Carpenter ants have black heads and abdomens, but have a dark red thorax. The Black Carpenter that North Carolina homeowners see is very similar in appearance, but is black all over. It’s important to note, that sometimes these ants can also have wings.

Carpenter Ant Destruction


Like I mentioned before, Carpenter ants build their nests in wooden structures in your home and on your property. Unused, rotten, or decaying wood seem to be the ant’s favorite nesting choices; but old, cracking furniture is also susceptible. This nesting behavior can be destructive.

Carpenter ant nesting habits destroy the integrity of wooden structures, including that of your house or furniture. These ants vigorously chew through wood, building tunnels for their nests. If you see piles of sawdust near a wooden structure on your property, it’s a good sign you have a pest problem… And that pest could be a Carpenter ant. It’s about this time you should have your home inspected by a licensed pest control professional.

Carpenter ants tending treehoppers

Carpenter ants tending treehoppers (Photo credit: cotinis)

North Carolina Carpenter Ant Prevention


  • Get rid of vacant wood. Whether it’s an old decaying tree stump, abandoned construction materials, or a wood pile; get rid of it! Carpenter ants love to build their nest in this wood.
  • Fix leaks and eliminate standing water. Just like you and I, Carpenter ants need water to survive. Do not make it readily available.
  • Eradicate sources of food. Carpenter ants love to eat proteins, starches, and sweets. Clean up crumbs and food debris from around your home, and tightly seal food containers.
  • Close up wooden cracks with sealant. Cracks in tree stumps, wooden furniture, etc. are an open invitation for Carpenter ants to build a nest. Put up a closed sign by sealing up those cracks with a wood sealant or epoxy.
  • Get professional ant control. One sure-fire solution to keep those destructive Carpenter ants away is to hire an ant control professional who specializes in pest control for Carpenter ants.

North Carolina Pest Control For Carpenter Ants


If you suspect you may have Carpenter ants around your Charlotte, NC property, do not wait until it’s too late before you get some help. Waiting will only further damage the integrity of anything that’s made of wood which is located on your property. Get professional ant control!

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6 Ways To Elminate Bed Bugs In Your Home

Adult bed bug, Cimex lectularius

Adult bed bug, Cimex lectularius (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite their name, “bed bugs” can be found in almost any part of your house and are often found far away from the bedroom. Bed bugs might be lurking in your bookshelves (avoid buying used books on the street for this reason) or in your couch (avoid buying used couches too!) or in other places too. There are several ways to tell if you have bed bugs – maybe you saw an actual bug or egg so you are 100% certain; perhaps you have woken up covered in bites leading you to believe you might have bed bugs; or maybe you have even had an inspector come to your house to confirm your fears. Either way, now that you know you have an infestation, you are probably wondering how to take care of it.

First, save a specimen. This might sound gross, but you should hold onto the physical bodies of the bed bugs in a Ziploc. Beyond helping the exterminator confirm the infestation, you might need to show them to your landlord or insurer so that you can recover your costs. You may never see an actual bug, so if you do, grab it. Take pictures of any damage as well.

Second, don’t switch to another bed in your house. Your first instinct might be to sleep elsewhere if the bed bugs are actually found in your bed. But unfortunately, all this will achieve is spreading the infestation. So don’t start sleeping on the couch, and definitely don’t stay at a friend or relative’s house. The bed bugs will be waiting for you when you get home and will have left some cousins wherever you went.

Third, consult a professional. Even if you are sure you have bed bugs, you should always get a professional pest control operator to come in, identify the pest and then treat it. Call them as soon as you suspect an infestation and get them into your home right away. Treatment takes time, so start sooner rather than later.

Fourth, check the other beds. Not everyone will know if they have bed bugs just by being bitten. Not everybody reacts to the bites in the same way, so there could be bugs in their beds without them knowing. Make sure your professional pest control operator does a thorough check of the home.

Fifth, don’t start throwing everything away. Not every piece of furniture in your home needs to be sent to the landfill. Ask your professional pest control operator what can be saved and what should be tossed. Once you know what cannot be saved, the professional can help you dispose of it properly and safely so as not to spread the bugs even further.

Sixth, do start washing your linens and clothing. Your clothing and bedding should be dealt with right away. Machine wash everything on hot and then dry them on hot for about two hours. Dry cleaning is also an option. Whichever option you choose, the key part is to put the cleaned clothing and linens in sealed, airtight bags until you are going to use them in your bed bug free house.

Finding out you have bed bugs is never fun. But if you follow the proper precautions and have patience, hopefully the bed bugs will be handled quickly and without major loss of sleep, furniture, and money.

About the Author: Michelle Lim has been writing about designer bedding for this website for years. When she’s not spending her time writing, she enjoys shopping and going on vacations with her boyfriend.


Fire Ant Stings


fire_ant_worker1 (Photo credit: bart_drees)

North Carolina Fire Ants


One of the most diabolical pests found in the Charlotte, North Carolina area is the Red Imported Fire ant. While these ants bite, they are notorious for very painful stings. You want more bad news? Fire ant season is just around the corner. Fire ants are most active, building their mounds and stinging their victims, from April-September.

Red Imported Fire ants prefer to build their mounds in open, sunny yards that are mowed and watered regularly. That is the majority of yards in North Carolina. Chances are you’ve come across the malevolent ants once or twice; and that means you can be stung.

Fire Ant Stings


A human leg three days after coming in brief c...

A human leg three days after coming in brief contact with a fire ant colony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are stung by a fire ant, you will know it immediately. Stings begin as little red marks, and are accompanied by moderate pain. The sting will eventually turn into white pustules or blisters. Fire ant stings will go away after several days, unless the area becomes infected.

There are no other stinging ants in North America. So if you get stung by an ant, you can pretty much assume it’s a fire ant.

Reactions To Fire Ant Stings


  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Blistering
  • Swelling & Inflammation
  • Wooziness
  • Itchiness
  • Wheezing
  • Confusion & Disorientation
  • Vomiting

Treating Fire Ant Stings


If you have been stung by a fire ant, and are experiencing some of the more severe reactions (vomiting, light-headed, etc.), seek medical attention immediately. If you know you are allergic to bees, wasps, or other insects; you need to be very cautious of fire ant stings. There will likely be an allergic connection, and you will need medical attention.

If you’ve been stung by a fire ant, and are not experiencing allergic reactions, stay calm. You will be in pain for awhile. Take a pain reliever. Clean the infected sting area out with watered down bleach, ammonia, or meat tenderizer. This will help denature the fire ant’s venom.

Preventing Fire Ant Stings


Preventing Fire Ant stings is about taking extreme precautions. If you see a fire ant mound, keep your distance. Point them out to your children, and teach them to keep their distance. If you disturb their mounds in any way, the worker ants will spill out of the nest and aggressively attack the intruder. If you step on a fire ant mound on accident, multiple ants can crawl up you leg and sting repeatedly.

To best ensure your home and property are not infested by stinging fire ants, you need professional ant control.

Fire Ant Extermination In North Carolina


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Happy Valentine’s Day To Charlotte. From Bulwark.

Everyone here at Bulwark would like to give Charlotte and its surrounding cities a giant Valentine’s Day hug. Everybody deserves to have a valentine this year. At Bulwark, we thought we’d surprise some unsuspecting, but very deserving people to show our appreciation.

Last week we sent out an order of flowers and chocolates to three of our favorite news casters on television: Natalie Pasquarella from TV 9, Dianne Gallagher from NBC Charlotte and Kelli Bartik from FOX Charlotte – all lovely and professional young ladies. Without being too creepy-viewer, we thought flowers and chocolate was the best and safest item to send. Every girls like flowers, right?

Kelli even posted a picture of her flowers on her twitter page. We appreciate the shout-out, Kelli.

Last week we also released our newest video. We created it specially for Valentine’s Day and sent a link to all three ladies for them to view. Take a look.

We certainly don’t want to let you all make the same mistake, so here is a small checklist of things to do before Thursday.

– Schedule Babysitter
– Make dinner reservations or buy homemade meal ingredients
– Buy a semi-expensive bottle of wine
– And chocolates
– Call Bulwark Exterminating (This one is REALLY important, we can’t stress it enough.)

Only in a college town
Here’s a funny story for you. When I was in my last year of college, my girlfriend (now wife), was in school with me as well. I had a night class on Valentine’s Day and the teacher promised she would let us out early. After getting out of class 15 minutes late, and I without any plans, started to drive around town looking for a place to eat. I picked her up, and we headed over to Outback Steakhouse (Gimme a break! I was in college!). Wait time? FOUR hours! “That’ll be like, midnight?” I asked the girl. “Yeah, about”, she responded. We grabbed some pizza on the way home, popped in a movie at home, then called it a night. We both had class early the next morning.

How To Have a Pest Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Are you ready?

Whether you have house guests coming for Thanksgiving, or you will be traveling, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your Thanksgiving is pest free.

7 Steps To a Pest Free Thanksgiving


1. Eliminate clutter. Pests like cockroaches, mice, and spiders, love to make their homes in clutter. It gives them a place to hide, and often time’s offers easy access to a quick meal. Get rid of anything unwanted, pick things up, and get organized to keep the pests at bay.

2. Clean, clean, clean. Pests will look for any food they can, and that includes any morsels of food left in your home. Thoroughly clean your kitchen and dining area, removing all evidence of food. Promptly wash dishes and sweep the floor after each and every meal. If insects and other pests cannot find food inside your home, they will leave.

3. Fix leaky plumbing. Just like you and I, pests need water to survive. Water sources frequently draw pests in. Eliminate these water sources near your property, and pests will stay away.

4. Eliminate pest entrances. During the cool Charlotte fall weather, we love to have our doors and windows open. Check the screens on your doors and windows, and the weather-stripping, and make sure everything is sealed properly. If the garage door doesn’t completely touch the driveway, replace the rubber gasket.

5. Tightly seal food and trash. Like I mentioned before, eliminate a pest’s food source (inside and out) and they will not come to your home looking for a quick meal. Keep your trashcans away from your house, and make sure all your food is covered and sealed.

6. Move/remove foliage or wood piles. This is a big problem during the fall months. Eliminate piles of leaves; as ants and roaches dwell underneath. Anything touching your house, like wood piles, will make for a pest highway.

7. Get pest control. If you are frequently seeing pests in or around your property, call a professional. If you’re continually seeing bugs and pests, they’re likely under the foundation of your home or living in your wall voids.

Beware of Bed Bugs When Traveling This Thanksgiving


Many Charlotte, NC residents will be traveling all over the country this Thanksgiving. With the rise of bed bugs, it’s imperative to take a few precautions so you don’t bring them back home with you.

If you travel this Thanksgiving, keep your luggage off the floor. Opt for a luggage rack, a counter, or any other shelf you can find. Do not leave piles of clothing on the floor. Before you get into a hotel bed, or any other bed that’s not your own, pull back the sheets and carefully inspect the piping along the mattress. Look for live bugs. They’ll look like tiny smashed ticks, and there will likely be dried blood stains.

Happy Thanksgiving!


No matter what your plans are for the Thanksgiving holiday, I wish you all the best. May your Thanksgiving be filled with loved ones, good food, and gratitude. Of course, may your Thanksgiving be pest free. Happy Thanksgiving from Bulwark Exterminating!

Charlotte Pest Control


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Pest control Charlotte NC

Looking for a quality Charlotte Pest Control Service?

Bulwark Exterminating will exceed your expectations. They offer a full service bug control solution backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have won the Super Service Award, and are recommended by 94% of customers.
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Stacey Says:
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David Says:
“Brandon Mullis did a wonderful job explaining any question I had so I could understand and feel comfortable with the chemicals that were being used in my home. Mr. Mullis was extremely polite, resourceful and professional. Bulwark is only as good as the technicians they send out to their customers homes. Mr. Mullis is the ideal representative for your company.”

Jeff says:
“We have been with Bulwark for nearly four years, and have always been very satisfied with the service we’ve received. Technician Ron (560) came by today for service and was extremely polite, clean, and very professional. We appreciate his service!”

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Exterminating Review – Charlotte Pest Control Services

Customer Name: ANGELA P

Report Date: May 06, 2009
Category: Pest Control/Exterminating
Work Completed Date: March 15, 2009
Approximate Price for Pest Control Service/Cost: $73.00
Home Build Year: 1991
Description Of Pest Control Work:
We have an annual contract with Bulwark Exterminating for pest control. They come every other month and spray the outside for all kinds of pests.
Customer Comments:
They always call before they come and warn us to keep our pets inside, not only for the period of time that they are here, but also for an hour or so afterward. They are always very polite. When I am at home, they knock on the door and let me know that they are here, and they also do that when they leave. I have had very good experiences with them.

Thanks for the review we are always happy to hear from our customers!

And Happy 4th of July!

What’s Green Pest Control?

Apparently no one really knows.  Read more here “What’s Green Pest Control”

Becareful of those pest control companies that make green claims with the hopes that they can charge you more. Yes, a higher quality service and pest control product will most likely cost you more.  But make sure that’s what you are getting. 

Need a pest control solution in Charlotte NC?  Get Charlotte pest control from your local family pest control service. Call today!