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3 Best Family Locations To Live In North Carolina

Freedom Park CharlotteWhether it’s because of the temperate climate, great job growth, culture-rich history, or varied recreational activities, families are packing up fast and heading to North Carolina. Wondering what the top three areas to live in are? Fayetteville, Sanford, and Lake Norman NC real estate top the list. Read on for why one of these locales should be your next hometown.

1. Fayetteville

This medium-sized city of 200,000 may be best known for U.S. Army installation Fort Brag. In addition to Fort Bragg’s annual pumping of $4.5 billion into the region’s economy, the metropolitan area is full of job growth and career opportunity for those looking to either begin a family or relocate one. Fayetteville largely weathered the recession and its real estate market continues to see healthy growth, where other cities are still licking their wounds from the market crash. The city has some of the highest quality public education in the state, and its school system includes nine alternative and specialty schools. Additionally, the city includes portions of the East Coast Greenway, a set of urban trails and greenways soon connecting Maine to Key West.

2. Lake Norman Area


For those wanting more access to nature, the Lake Norman area is a great family location. Towering oaks and blossoming fruit trees line the streets, and the local Lake Norman State Park consistently ranks as one of the state’s most visited for its natural beauty and recreational activities. The Lake Norman NC real estate market is bounding with deals on waterfront homes and classic country abodes. This is front porch country, and the Lake Norman NC real estate market reflects that, with quaint southern style at a price families can afford. The area offers great public and private schools, and students interested in sports will be thrilled to learn how high local sports rank in city interests. All of the local television stations and newspapers actively cover high school sports on their prime time and front page new stories.

3. Sanford 


Located in the middle of the state and thirty minutes from major metro areas like Greensboro and the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Cary), Sandford is a mid-sized town with plenty of land and open space at affordable real estate rates. The Sanford real estate market includes a mix of desirable homes and architecture like rural farmhouses, historic southern style homes complete with verandas, modern condos and even gated communities. At a population of 30,000, this is a town where the mayor still waves at you and the store clerks know your name. The city school system recently added new schools, allowing for smaller class sizes and upgraded school facilities.

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Tony has been selling real estate in NC for several years and likes to share some of the best towns he has bought and sold houses in.