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What A Rental Property Owner Should Know About Bed Bugs

I would say that now is one of worst times to be a property renter if you are unfamiliar and unprepared for a potential bed bug problem. Most property owners are very unaware of the current bed bug problem, or just don’t think that it’s a problem in their city or town when in fact this is a national problem.

bedbugProperty Owners & Bedbugs


A property owner should be aware of the local laws that govern how they respond to a tenant complaining of bed bugs. Depending on where your property is located you could be fully responsible for treating the property if your tenant has a problem and treatment could range from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. It may not be a bad idea to question new tenants to find out if they have ever had a problem with bed bugs and maybe even have them sign an agreement that you will not be responsible for any bed bug problems that they bring in.

Here Are The Bed Bug Laws By State

Tenants & Bed Bugs


The spread of bed bugs happens very easily because they are a hitchhiking bug. When your tenants have visitors over, or they visit someone with bed bugs, then there is a high probability that they will end with bed bugs. You can also get bed bugs from used furniture. There have been cases where people have gotten bed bugs and then knowingly sold their bed bug infested furniture at a garage sale to get as much money as possible. So I would never recommend buying used furniture unless you plan on having it treated or inspected by a professional before introducing it into your home.

Occupation can also cause a bed bug problem in your rental. If your job requires you to see lots of different people throughout the day like a doctor, nurse, police officer, or firefighter then your chances of getting bed bugs increases.

Rental Agreements & Bed Bugs


Having a good rental agreement is the best way to insure that you never have to spend two years worth of rent to treat a bed bug infested unit. Having your home professionally inspected after each tenant moves out and showing proof of no bed bugs will help to avoid liability. If a tenant moves in and shortly after the move they claim that there are bed bugs in the home, then you may be responsible for damages to include replacing all of their furniture and getting the home treated. Even if you know that the home did not have them prior and maybe they brought them with them, you need to show proof that your rental did not have any bed bugs and the best way to do this is by professional inspection.

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