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Angie’s List Super Service Award To Charlotte Pest Control Company

Angie’s List Super Service Award Given To Bulwark Pest Control- Charlotte, NC


The winners of Angie’s List 2012 Super Service Award have been announced in the categories of pest control and exterminating. It is with great honor that Bulwark Exterminating accepts this prestigious award, given annually to the top five percent of companies that receive reviews on Angie’s List. 

Bulwark Pest Control’s Charlotte, North Carolina branch accepts this award with great pride, because it further illustrates the company’s dedication to providing excellent customer service.

The Significance Customer Reviews On Angie’s List


A recent survey suggests that 81 percent of customers do online research before making significant purchases. These customers are primarily looking for customer reviews, in which 92 percent have confidence in this online information. That is where the customer review site Angie’s List comes in.

Angie’s List is a vessel that brings businesses and consumers together through the power of customer reviews. The 1.5 million customers that check Angie’s List before making  purchases or hires can rate a company’s professionalism, price, punctuality, responsiveness, quality, and overall experience with letter grades A-F.

Angie’s List Reviews For Charlotte, NC Bulwark Exterminating


Out of the 179 reviews Bulwark Exterminating’s Charlotte branch has received on Angie’s List, 140 give an A grade; 22 a B grade. That’s impressive! Here are just a few of the many positive reviews:

Bulwark Exterminating provided complete initial service both internally and externally. We had various ants and other crawling critters not only in the 1st floor kitchen but also in two upstairs bathrooms. They come back every two months to spray outside and if any problems inside, they will spray as well. We have noticed a major difference and only once in a while see anything inside. I would highly recommend them.

Overall: A

- Phillip R.
Huntersville, NC

These guys were very prompt and courteous. Responded to calls immediately and performed the service promptly. Over all I am very satisfied with the service. I had called to get the service scheduled. Someone returned with a confirmation call. The service person called ahead before arrival. Even though he arrived earlier than scheduled, he waited for my arrival. He treated my house and explained about the bugs and how they come and go. Treated outside and inside the house. Great people to work with. Great service. Few days later received a follow up call which is great customer experience.

Overall: A

- Sankar M.
Mooresville, NC

The service person inspected the house for roaches. We had seen 2-3 of them in the previous couple of weeks. Then, I saw the offer for an inspection at a reduced price and ordered it.
The service person was friendly and well-informed. He appeared to be genuinely interested in doing a good job and said he had checked outside to make sure he was using the best treatment.
He told me that if the treatment did not work to please let him know. We saw a roach or two in the next week and I almost called back, but waited and have not seen another roach in, oh, at least six weeks. I was pleased and satisfied with the offer and the service.

Overall: A

- Frank M.
Greensboro, NC

(Bulwark) sprayed exterior and interior of house. Very professional. We have a two year old grandson. They were so wonderful about working around his visits, they totally understood our concerns. We will use them again.

Overall: A

- Russ L.
Mint Hill, NC

To read all of Bulwark Pest Control’s Angie’s List reviews for the Charlotte, NC branch, click on the link below:


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1801 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28206
(704) 321-3716
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Wilgrove-Minthill Road
Charlotte, NC 28227
(704) 334-1922
Mosquito Terminators of Charlotte
Charlotte, NC
(704) 770-8215

Ants in Charlotte NC – 2009

Ants are out early this year for many Charlotte residents. We have had several phone calls for Ant Control in Charlotte. Besides being a nuisance, ants can be a real health threat, and even deadly. Its estimated that 1 out of every 20 people could have an allergic reaction to ant bites and some of those could even suffer death if not treated. Fatalities from ant bites in the US are rare but they do occur. Most are avoidable if treated quickly.

For those suffering from ants, you should be advised not to spray regular over the counter spray on ant trails. Ants are highly sensitive to odors. If you spray a colony or a trail of ants then you may make the problem worse by causing them to branch out and form new ant colonies. If you choose to treat ants on your own then use ant baits.

If you want a professional to assist you then make sure they are armed with a variety of bait options and that they are not just spraying the same products on the ants as they do your home. There are a very few and typically more expensive sprays that are effective against ants. So if your Charlotte pest control company does spray ask if the spray is unique and specific for ants.

Want a guaranteed Charlotte Ant Control solution?

Call Bulwark – (704) 321-1532

Shocking Pest Control News!

It seems the pest control operators were using restricted pesticides. They and 4 other pest control companies are currently under investigation.

The EPA certainly has its place here in the US and the public and pest control companies are grateful to those responsible pest control operators that adhere to the EPA’s guidelines.

We recommend you choose a Charlotte Pest Control company that uses high quality low toxicity products.

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